Top Sikh Historical Buildings | BEST places to visit in Punjab

Top Sikh Historical Buildings is the topic of today’s article. Punjab has been called “the golden bird” in the past, because of how rich it was in terms of religion, culture, traditions and heritage. There are many amazing and fascinating places to visit in Punjab. King and emperors have made it their house for years, adding greatness to Punjab’s beauty. There are palaces, religious sites, parks and beautiful Punjabi rivers. We hope that you will enjoy reading this article, and you can share it with your friends and family too.

1)Sri Harmandir Sahibbest sikh historical places

Sri Harmandir Sahib ji in Amritsar is what comes to mind first while talking about places to visit in Punjab. This was the dream of the fourth Sikh Guru(Guru Ramdas Ji) and was fulfilled by the next Sikh gurus who dedicated every resource to it. The Golden Temple has four doors of the entrance, which symbolize that everybody con come into it, regardless of the colour, religion, gender or race. Then, it has also been constructed at a lower level than the ground level, to explain that it is necessary to leave out the ego before visiting the Sikh heritage place. 

2)Akal Takht Sahibtop buildings in punjab

3)Sheesh Mahal5 hsitorical places in punjab in punjabi

4)Jallianwala Baghhistorical punjab

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