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Who is the richest sikh in the world in 2019? If you want to know the answer to the question, you must continue reading this article. Sikh people have spread their hard work and passion all over the world and they have also earned a lot of name and fame in different fields. They have build awesome stories of rages to riches and amazed the entire world through their achievements. This Sikh community was started by Guru Nanak Dev Ji, who beleived in earning money only by being helpful to somebody. His principle has been adopted perfectly by the World’s biggest money makers Sikh.

List of richest Sikh man in the world

1)Malvinder Mohan Singh
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Malvinder Mohan Singh is well known worlwide for his business efforts and successes. He founded a pharmaceutical company named Ranbaxy with his brother Shivinder Singh. After growing it for some time, he decided to sell it to a Japanes multinational company and then, he founded Religare which has been highly successful so far. Talking about his bank account, according to Google he has a net worth of 2.6 Billion Dollars.

2) Reuben Singh

rich singh world money

rich sikh world

Reuben Singh has proven to be a great successful sikh businessman throughout the years. It is interesting to know that this rich sikh has as many RollsRoyce as his turban’s colours. This is because he was challenged by somebody who told him that he would not achieve anything due to the turban. Then, Reuben Singh decided to prove him wrong and bought unlimited supercars. Real inspiration!

According to some magazines he has a net worth of around 80 Million Dollars.

3)Sant Chatwalchatwal money singh

This is the third canditate for the list of the richest sikhs in the world. Sant Chatwal is a punjabi entrepreneur who has spread his name worldwide thanks to his dedication to hard work and care of the customer. His business story begins when he starts managing the hotel of one of his friends, and realizes that he can do it very well. After that experience, he decides to build a personal chain of hotels internationally. Today his Dream Hotel Group is recognized as one of the best in the field and Sant Chatwal is the chairman of the board. He has also founded hotels The Chatwal and Time Hotels which are garning millions of dollars every single month. He can be definitely called as the richest sikh in the world ever.

He is considered to have a net worth of 10 Million Dollars according to the Forbes Magazine.

4) Analjit Singh

analjit singh richest sikh

Analjit Singh is the founder and the president of the well known Max Group. His companies invest money in fields such as real estate and generally insurances regarding various cases. He has dominated many magazines recently because he has purchased some land in Africa. He is a very accurate and focused businessman.

5)AjayPal Singh Banga

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AjayPal Singh Banga is the official CEO and the director manager of the biggest online money transfer company MasterCard. He is the fifth richest sikh in the world. He has always been a very hard worker since he started as a normal employee in PepsiCo Company. Indiatimes has estimated that his net worth is of more than 240 Million Dollars. He is an inspiration for many Rich Sikh Businessmen.

6)Kuldip Singh Dhingra

richest sikh in the world

Kuldip singh Dhingra is the head president of Berger Paints which is a highly successful company when we talk about paint businessess. He is also considered one of the 100 richest businessmen in India and all over the world, which is something astonishing and amazing. Kuldip Singh took the business form the hands of his grandfather who started it in Amritsar. He then changed everything for the better thanks to his education and high thinking process. He can be the richest sikh in the world.

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