Harminder Dulowal Bodybuilder Punjabi Fitness Sikh Vegetarian Diet

bodybuilder punjabi dulowal

Harminder Dulowal Punjabi Bodybuilder Fitness is a Sikh having a Vegetarian Diet. He has been a lot in news recently because of the results he has accomplished thanks to the hard work.  He has appeared in many punjab tv shows and has now spread his name all over punjabi bodybuilding industry. It is really fascinating to see how he has built his company of punjabi supplements form nothing to one of the top ranking in all India. Dulowal best punjabi bodybuilder He is considered to be one of the top…

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Richest Sikhs In the World | Biggest Money Makers Religion

rich singh world money

Who is the richest sikh in the world in 2019? If you want to know the answer to the question, you must continue reading this article. Sikh people have spread their hard work and passion all over the world and they have also earned a lot of name and fame in different fields. They have build awesome stories of rages to riches and amazed the entire world through their achievements. This Sikh community was started by Guru Nanak Dev Ji, who beleived in earning money only by being helpful to…

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Top 10 Fashion Designers in India in 2019

Top 10 fashion designers in India are given with names in this amazing article. Indian stylers are now known pretty much internationally, and have gained name and fame all over the world bringing proud to their country. This is the list of the top 10, only the best out of the best, and we recommend you to read the article till the end. 1)Manish Malhotra Manish Malhotra definitely deserves being on the top of this list. It is unbelievable that he did not think about all the accomplishments that he…

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Best Punjabi Jutti Styles| Punjab Virsa

traditional punjabi

List Best Punjabi Jutti Styles are infinite, but we have given you a list of the best Punjabi shoes for men and Ladies jutti. They represent the Punjabi traditions and are vital for the culture. People buy list best punjabi jutti styles online because they want to connect themselves with their country and ancestors. The guide includes some of the greatest best Punjabi shoes of all times. 1)Khussa This type is one of the most antique ones and has maintained its importance throughout the years. This is used very often…

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Best Punjabi Turban Styles|Morni, Patiala Shahi and Wattan Wali

Patiala shahi turban style

Best Punjabi Turban Styles are covered in this article. Sikh pagri can be different in style according to the place, the traditions and the style. Punjabi pagri has created a Turban Fashion Industry nowadays and we present you the best punjabi turban styles of the sikh head scarf. All the best styles in Punjab are all presented here. 1)Morni pagg This is the type of sikh pagg which has been worn for years and years in the punjabi culture. This can be used in any type of occasion because of…

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How to tie Punjabi Turban|Best Tutorial

Punjabi turban online is a piece of cloth wrapped around the head. The sikh headwear can hae different meanings according to latest turban colours.  The Sikh pagri has many punjabi turban videos on youtube, and we offer you here a tutorial for how to tie Punjabi turban.  Make a bun of your hair at the top point of the head. Tie a pagg base-it is essential for sikh pagri sardars Tie the turban diagonally form one ear to the other Create layers of the punjabi turban Put in the pagg…

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