Best Punjabi Turban Styles|Morni, Patiala Shahi and Wattan Wali

Patiala shahi turban style

Best Punjabi Turban Styles are covered in this article. Sikh pagri can be different in style according to the place, the traditions and the style. Punjabi pagri has created a Turban Fashion Industry nowadays and we present you the best punjabi turban styles of the sikh head scarf. All the best styles in Punjab are all presented here.

1)Morni pagg

turban styles morni

This is the type of sikh pagg which has been worn for years and years in the punjabi culture. This can be used in any type of occasion because of its importance and beauty. Morni gives an idea of something clean and simple which is very good looking.

2)Wattan Wali Turban

Wattan wali turban style

This type of pagg has gone recently in trend in punjabi culture and is dominating every other style of sikh turban. It is promoted by every sikh punjabi model on every social media. Wattan wali is the symbol of a simple and desi punjabi type of person. Again, this is the new bggest trend in punjabi clothing industry.

3)Patiala Shahi Turban

Patiala shahi turban style

Patialashahi suits best everybody because of its amazing look and shape. People usually like to wear it on special occasions where they want to look different than usual.

4) Dumalla Sikh religion turban

dumalla turban styles

We have also an article on the tutorial for how to Turban head tie for Ladies Turban, Sikh Women turban and also for men. Click on this : Turban head wrap. and you will go to the tutorial how to tie sikh turban. In conclusion, Sikh pagri comes in different styles and it’s according to what you like from the images above what pagri you want to tie. 

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