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List Best Punjabi Jutti Styles are infinite, but we have given you a list of the best Punjabi shoes for men and Ladies jutti. They represent the Punjabi traditions and are vital for the culture. People buy list best punjabi jutti styles online because they want to connect themselves with their country and ancestors. The guide includes some of the greatest best Punjabi shoes of all times.


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This type is one of the most antique ones and has maintained its importance throughout the years. This is used very often in weddings and celebrations where Punjabis want to remember the Punjabi Virsa and culture. Khussa tells people about the love you have toward the punjabi culture and teachings of it.


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Mojari is a great example of the preservation of Punjabi traditions. It is usually given as a gift among family members on special Punjabi festivals. This has represented the pride of punjabis for many years and now is being loved by the new generations.

Best clothes for Punjabi wedding

3)Rajasthani Type

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The original jutti was actually made and built-in Rajasthan for Kings and Emperors, but after some time it started spreading all across India and every region developed its personal style. Ths is now used by everybody attached to Indian culture at special occasions.

4)Plain style

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The plain type of jutti is the symbol of a simple kind of swag, and nowadays it has been promoted a lot by the Punjabi singers as a must for desi Punjabi look. Best clothes for punjabi wedding. This indicates simplicity of punjabi lifestyle and a typical punjabi swag. This is simple but definitely not less than others.

5)Traditional Decorative Jutti

traditional punjabiThis was the guide and a deep dig in the no.1 Punjabi culture-related Punjabi shoes. They are fantastic for any kind of programme, festival and any typically Punjabi occasion. Other than that, they can be worn by everybody beyond age or gender, men and women. Punjabi Jutti Styles. Best clothes for Punjabi wedding.

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