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Best Punjabi Documentaries is the topic of this article. It will present Sikh documentary Netflix which can be easily found and watched online. This is the list of 6 best documentaries in punjabi that you can watch now online also on Youtube.


This is the trailer of the documentary Toxification online. This Punjabi film talks about the life of Punjabi farmers who have to fave unlimited difficulties in their life. It teaches a very good lesson in the end too.

2)One in a Billion

One in a Billion Punjabi Basketball Movie is all about the story of the first Punjabi basketball player who made his way in NBA. He has reached his success through passion and hard work and is elevating the name of his family and country.


Immortals are Nihang movie who live in Punjab. Sikh Nihangs are warriors who have sacrificed their entire lives for the sake of Sikhism and Khalsa. They are well known for their bravery and dedication to the religious beliefs of Sikhism. Even today they live a very sober type of life.

4) The Daughter Tree

This one tells about the discrimination between males and females, which often decides girls’ destiny and life. It is a very harsh movie and it tells very clearly the reality.

5)The Lost Empire

This documentary movie talks about the story of the empire of Maharaja Ranjit Singh film and how he conquered the whole Punjab and turned it into the “Golden Bird”. It tells all the successes and the failures he had to face before becoming one of the greatest kings ever born.

6) Final Assalut~Save Punjab

This is definitely one of the best punjabi documentaries because it tells about something that is happening in the present day in Punjab. Everybody and especially punjabi farmers are suffering a lot because they cannot get pure water which goes to rajasthan and other places out of Punjab. Their voice is unheard and nobody really care about what they are saying.

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